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How often should you shampoo ?

Heeeeyyyy Sunshine !

When is the last time you cleansed your scalp??

I told you before, we are family... we can be honest in this space! If you don't know how often you should shampoo (or even what shampoo to use...) keep reading, I'm here to help!

Not many people are a fan of shampoo day... Especially my folks with the curly hair!! However, having a clean scalp is the first step to healthy hair. A good Shampoo helps remove buildup and excess oils (and a few other things but that's a story that is told here). The buildup can come naturally from the body or applied products (like heavy oils, butters, and creams) that can suffocate the hair follicles and lead to hair & scalp problems.

Not cleansing regularly also leads to an accumulation of sebum (your body’s natural oil that protects your skin). Sebum weighs down your hair and can make it look flat, dirty, and sometimes cause bad smells (No one wants that). It can also cause the scalp to become itchy and flaky, leading to dandruff or other scalp issues.

On the other hand, over-washing the hair can strip its natural oils, leading to dryness, frizz, and breakage. So, you gotta have a balance!

My general recommendation is to shampoo the hair once every five to seven days. However, the frequency of shampooing the hair depends on a few things, like, hair texture, hair length, individual's lifestyle, preference and product usage. If your hair & scalp doesn't get oily as quick, I recommend going a little longer in between shampoo days (maybe 7-10 days).

Using the correct shampoo can also help keep your hair & scalp clean, hydrated, and healthy. There are several different types of shampoos to choose from. Be sure to check out the blog post on choosing the right shampoo to learn more.

If reading this blog just wasn’t enough and you still need assistance, follow me on Instagram, Send an email, or Schedule a consultation and we can go more in depth consultation to get you and your hair on the right track!

Love you mean it 😘

Sunshine 🌻

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