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Need Shampoo? Don’t know where to start?


Hey Sunshine!

Let’s have a quick talk about shampooing your hair.

No, don’t leave already, lol, it will be fun! We are all family here, and talking shampoo is one of the beginning steps of having strong and healthy hair. Many people think the way they cleanse their scalp is correct or just don’t think about it at all. I'm here to give insight on the task that we all love, oh so much!

Friend let me tell you THE number one question I am always asked!

“What kind of shampoo should I use?”

The answer to that question can be so complex because it can depend on several things, but the first three are:

1. How is your scalp feeling? And looking?
2. What is your hair type?
3. What kind of styles do you plan to wear?

Now, I’m not going to go too deep into scalp info and the different hair types today. That is a different story for a different day. However, answering these things can get you in the right step of choosing your shampoo.

When you go to the store and walk down the overwhelming aisle of hair products you will see several different types of hair cleansing products. The one you choose will depend on those three questions I asked earlier. Shampoos will be broken down into different categories based on your individual needs.

The different types of shampoos you will find are:

1. Regular – This shampoo is for those with no hair needs . A gentle cleansing formula with ingredients to clean without doing too much striping of your scalps natural oil. A regular shampoo can be for dry, oily, or normal scalps.

2. Scalp/Purifying – This shampoo is to cleanse the scalp and typically has cleansing, soothing, and antimicrobial benefits. A formula that targets those with scalp issues. Ingredients usually include: tea tree, willow bark, rosemary, zinc, or dandelion.

3. Strengthening - This shampoo is to restore hair that has been damaged. A formula that typically has some sort of protein added to it. Proteins in hair products is designed to add protection to prevent further damage of the hair in its current state.

4. Clarifying – This shampoo is meant to deep cleanse and remove build up from extended use of silicones, heavy products, and conditioners. A formula that can be harsh and should not be used more than once a week. Be sure to follow up with a nice conditioner. Using this shampoo more than the recommended use could cause dry and frizzy hair. We do not want that! RIGHT?!

5. Moisturizing – This shampoo is meant to add moisture to the hair and the scalp. A formula that can aid in strengthening the hair and assist in giving the hair a shinier look if you don’t have dry hair. The only time I don’t recommend this shampoo is if your scalp and/or hair is oily.

6. Dry – This shampoo isn’t technically a shampoo because it absorbs oils instead of cleansing. However, this product is still a good one! Dry shampoo is used for the in between time when shampooing the hair. When applied dry shampoo instantly absorbs the oils from the roots (and sometimes hair), allowing your hair to appear and smell fresher. We can not rely on the dry shampoo for too long. Long and overuse can cause hair and scalp buildup and we want to avoid buildup to keep the hair as healthy as possible. Dry shampoos can be liquid, powder or come in an aresol spray. Be careful sometimes they can be powdery.

7. Volumizing – This shampoo is designed to give volume to fine, thin hair. A formula that is created to be lighter and not weigh the hair down. This product allows the hair strand to swell and will give the hair lift to give the illusion of fuller and thicker hair. Some volumizing shampoos encourage growth by opening the cuticle and sometimes including keratin for strength.

8. Color treated – This shampoo is designed for those with color treated hair (and usually deal with dry, fading, lackluster hair). A formula designed to not strip the color and keep the hair hydrated, strong, and protected from damage.

9. Curly – This is a shampoo that is designed specifically with my curly girls in mind. A formula that is meant to gently cleanse the curls and scalp without removing too much moisture that could cause frizz. This formula is meant to keep the hair from being frizzy by encouraging the hair to be smooth and shiny.

10. Thermal – This is a shampoo that I recommend for those who are straightening their hair often. A formula typically infused with some sort of weightless oil (usually argan oil) to reduce damage caused by thermal tools. This shampoo is typically followed by a conditioner and the two are heat activated, provide protection, and restores moisture.

Now look, I’m not saying these are the only types of shampoo there are out here, what I’m saying is they are the top ten I can think of at this moment!

When it comes to choosing your shampoo you know what to do! YEP! If you said to yourself “Go back to those three questions from earlier” you are correct My Sunshine! The questions are going to get you started.

Look at your scalp first. What are the conditions of your scalp? Oily? Dry? Normal?

If your scalp is oily or dry look for things that will not add or take from its current situation. If you’re thinking “Sis, I don’t really have any scalp issues”, then you can choose your shampoo based off what your desired hair result are. What I mean is choose (a moisturizing, volumizing, curly, or any other type) based off what you want the shampoo to do to or for your hair if there is no scalp concern.

Your hair type and the style you choose are the next things you want to think about when choosing a shampoo. If hair type is something you don’t know much about keep an eye out for that blog post (or search my Instagram @_sunshinefx I’ve posted about it before) or book an appointment. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite shampoos with you soon! In the meantime what are some of your favorite shampoos? Comment below we all love trying new products !!! Let’s talk about it!

Until next time!

Love you, mean it



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