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Letter to my Sun Family

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Hey Family,

I hope this letter finds you well. Life has been hectic and crazy for the majority of us. However, I know you’re still finding SUNSHINE the best way you know how 💛

I’m rooting for us! We got this!

So, it’s coming up on the end of 2021 and I know I’ve been pretty quite online. Next year get ready there will be more activity ! I’ll be better ❤️

The goal of SunshineFX is to have a brand that educates, empowers, and supports individuals in ways to add Sunshine to their life! Whether it be beauty, health, or business related!

I, LaShaunta bring Sunshine ! I brighten and enlighten with every encounter; that is my FX on my community. What’s your FX ?

Next year expect more blog posts, possible YouTube videos, giveaways, and a few more fun things I’ve been working on!

Thank you to everyone that’s been rocking with me thus far! Lets have some fun! I love y'all for real !

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🌻 Sunshine


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