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Things to know

Welcome to the world of Sunshine! Get ready to see the BRIGHT SIDE of your hair!!


Below you will find some very important information that will allow your experience with us to run smooth!




About Sunshine Avenue:

At Sunshine Avenue we provide cutting, coloring, and natural hair services on all hair textures. Sunshine Avenue is where the brand SunshineFX resides with owner LaShaunta C.


The mission of SunshineFX is to empower, Support, and Educate our clients on how to bring sunshine to their world through self care and education. At Sunshine Ave healthy hair, healthy scalp, and length retention is priority. 


LaShaunta C is a certified Rëzocut Stylist (Curly Cut). Healthy hair, healthy scalp, and reaching my clients goal is top priority.


LaShaunta C, owner of SunshineFX, is located inside of Sola Salon Studios (Sunshine Avenue Suite 13). Be sure to view service list to ensure appointments are booked properly.

Late Policy:

Each one of my clients time is very important to me! Being more than 10 minutes late could result in the appointment being rescheduled, some (or all) of your services and a late fee or re-booking fee may apply. 

Clients who are more than 15 minutes late may result in a rescheduled appointment. 50% deposit of the next service (will go toward price of service) must be paid before you may book your next appointment.

Running Late: 

Every client deserves the ‘Sunshine Experience’ & I can not cut another clients experience short for someone else being late (as I would not do you that way either). Please plan for traffic delays, construction delays, and babysitter running late delays so that we can begin at the scheduled time. Your time is important and when it is your appointment it is YOUR personal time that we both set aside just for you. We don't want to run into another client's personal time they expected to have.


Appointment Cancellation: 

We understand that sometimes schedules change, therefore we request notification 48 hours before a scheduled appointment to cancel. 

Appointments cancelled 24 - 48 hours prior to appointment are subject to a 30% service charge. 


Appointments that are no-showed (or cancelled same day) 100% of the service will be charged to the credit card on file & appointment must be paid in full before you may book your next appointment. No Exceptions.

Booking Your Appointment:

New Guests, please choose the New Guest Package appropriate for your curl pattern, texture, and service.

I suggest all New Guests start with a New Guest Package before any other service may be booked.

Upon booking your appointment, you will receive a generated confirmation email.


The email will contain a few questions about your hair as well as your next steps. Please respond with your inspiration pics and hair description within 48 hours of receiving. I will then ensure enough time is allotted for your chosen services based on your curl pattern and hair density. 


Everyone's hair and curl patterns are as unique as a fingerprint and some require more time than others. Having a picture to look at and a description of the hair sooner than later helps me to ensure that I will have plenty of time to teach you all my tips and tricks by adjusting your chosen service and timing if necessary.


Failure to respond could result in appointment cancellation. It is imperative that I receive your hair pics and description within 48 hours of you receiving my personal email message.


I do love to take pictures for social media. If you are not comfortable with your picture being taken (or if you just don’t want your face shown) please let me know!

Curly Clients:

I know every curly girl wants to feel confident with their curls and want their curls handled with love and care. Not all professional stylists are taught how to PROPERLY handle curly hair. I became RËZOCUT certified to ensure I have the proper knowledge to serve the very underserved curly community! 

Below will explain what I need from you to ensure you are prepared for your appointment.

- Arrive with hair clean, 100% completely dry & detangled (there will be an upcharge if I must diffuse or detangle for any length of time), minimal to no product in hair (I'm looking to see your natural pattern as I cut dry in your hairs natural state). 


-No hats, clips, ponytails or anything pulling or stretching the hair out of its natural state. This allows the natural curl pattern to be seen in its natural state. (If your hair is pulled up or back in anyway your curls will be stretched out if its natural pattern)


-Hair should be styled to have the most definition and curl, product is fine (if completely necessary), however, nothing heavy and NO OILS!


-Before we begin service we will discuss your hair goals (Showing pictures during this time is perfect!).


-Next hair will be dry cut after consultation. 


-Hair is then cleansed, conditioned, and styled with finishing touches being added to cut where necessary.


-Please have your pictures of styles you like for inspiration (Helps me know your hair goals).

Not sure what to do in preparation for your New or Returning Curly Cut Service?

Here are some basic steps for you ( THIS IS FOR IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO BUT NOT REQUIRED ) ! 


  1. Wash hair (To allow me to see your natural curl pattern, I will still shampoo & condition after consultation if booked that way)

  2. Condition hair 

  3. Detangle with fingers or WIDE-TOOTH comb

  4. Leave conditioner in 

  5. While curls are soaking wet gently lean all hair over to the right side and scrunch up with hands repeatedly

  6. Repeat on left side. 

  7. Return to right side & scrunch up old cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel

  8. Repeat on left side. 

  9. Allow hair to air dry fully (or diffuse)

Do not to touch hair, pull it up in any form, or use any clips, bobby pins or wear a hat before you come in for your appointment!

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